Hi everyone – ok – no pop-ups? No weird forwarding to other sites? We good?


It has been unendingly hard hear at IHL and ALTHISTORY and a couple other sites I run. Some are still infected, too. It is a slow process to fix everything, but Jim, my web guru is making sure that not only are the sites clean, but they are FOREVER CLEAN. Plus, if he can put together a full-proof way to clean them every time, it becomes a natural part of his resume. I’m basically his test dummy, and for the amount of work that he has done to fix the site up – I’m fine with that.

Now, on to the BIG news related to THIS VERY COMIC.

If you have ever seen me at a con in the last few years, I’ve commented that I’ve wanted to do a story, and had started on a story about the above inferred mythos. I got about half a book in and stopped.. why? I don’t know.. I just did. Just bad motivation sometimes. So, I decided that for my next IHL-U story.. I’d finish it. I’m so happy to finally share it with you guys.


Given the real issues of the last month, the frequent lack of updates because I didn’t want to update on a hacked site, especially when I wasn’t sure where the hack was coming from – I feel that you guys missed some updates and lost some flow of the site. To apologize for that, the first 5 pages of THE DOTWICH HORROR are going to be posted in sequence, Monday through Friday. That’s right.. 5 pages of IHL next week. To help promote and spread the word about the story, I’ll be doing a Twitter/Facebook incentive as I have in the past. Please check in on Monday and share in the fun.

This is a LONG story to tell, so settle in, but it is going to be a damn silly ride.