It has taken this story months to finish… at first it was that I was enjoying creating it, so I didn’t want it to end.. so it went a few pages too long. Then, the site was taken over by hacky monsters, so I just couldn’t update on time.

FINALLY – HERA & ZEUSY IS DONE.. For frak sakes.

Ok – so – what did you think?

Also, since Weds is going to be the intro page to the new story.. and next Sunday begins it – I have a special treat to apologize for all the upsie downsie bits. I’m way ahead of schedule on the next story, so I’m going to give you the first five pages all NEXT week. It’s going to have a fun name and a theme to the site and you are all going to love, specifically because it introduces the *ahemm* Most Oft Requested God That IHL Never Did. OoooOOOOooo…

See ya Weds, and tell me if you enjoyed Hera / Zeus!