GOD – God is the first and forefront character of In His Likeness. Grand muckamuck and King Of All Creation, God is the straight man to all of life’s little jokes.

DEVIL – If God is the straight man of good, then Devil is the consummate professional of all things evil. Constantly monkey wrenching every single plan anyone has… Devil is just what you would expect.

POSEIDON – If God is the straight man… Poseidon isn’t. Ruler of the seas, pirates, and lover of fine showtunes.

1NT3RN3T – Over the last decade or two, the Internet has become a force that people worship as much as anything else. 1nt3rn3t is it’s ruler. He speaks in L33t and loves porn, and is married to a JPG of Rita Heyworth, much like his worshippers.

THE DEVILETTES – Meph, the Leader. Baph, the Middle Child. Lucy, the Innocent. Whether they are the Devil’s first or favorite children has never been revealed, but they aren’t so much evil as they are just lovers of mischief.


CHRIS – Chris started as God’s Cosplayer and has since evolved into the God of Zombie Redemption. We’re not entirely sure how many zombies need to be redeemed… but when they do, Chris will be there!

BARON SAMEDI – Winner of the Idol Idol contest, Baron Samedi is the Voodoo God of the Crossroads between life and death. He also takes side gigs as Charon on the river Styx.

HOLY GHOST – Holy Ghost doesn’t show up that much as he’s fairly skittish and scared of being eaten by God. That and he’s a copyrighted image and IHL is fearful of litigation.

CERBERUS – The 3 Headed Dog that guards the gates of Hell. One head is VERY intelligent. The other, quasi-intelligent. The last.. well.. he LOVES playing Frisbee.

THE ANGELETTES – Gabe, Raph, and Zeke are the God’s personal worshippers. Sadly, we learned that they are kind of old school zealots. That is, except for Zeke. Zeke is just kind of naive….


THE EGYPTIANS – The Egyptian Pantheon are kind of the forgotten step children of IHL. They used to be a big deal in the universe of the Gods, but since have lost favor with Earth’s people. They’re just a bunch of Gods looking to get back on top some how.

RITA HAYWORTH – Internet’s wife. She doesn’t say much, as she’s just a JPG, but has come to be quite the fan favorite.

SUCELLUS, VIRACOCHA, and FORTUNA – The losers of the Idol Idol contest. Neither Sucellus nor Viracocha have been seen since, but Fortuna is lingering in Hell due to some technically wordy issues.

THE FOUR HORSEMEN – If there were any villains in IHL, you might assume it’s the Devil… but it really is these four guys who have more than once done their best to destroy the comic strip from the inside out.

THE OTHERS – Amatsu, Buddha, Pan, and Skadi are all characters whom we’ve seen once, but never again… are they still out there. Definitely. Will they make an appearance again.. possibly.