I HAB DA SNIFFLES… I go and check out the big street fair in my town on Sunday. I then go and have a meeting with a bunch of the staff of the Wicked Faire-type events… and wouldn’t you know it.. I get ill. I’ve been a sniffly sloppy sneezy mess since then. What’e even more amazing it is that its the fault of someone in my town, and not one of the reprobates that runs those glorified smut conventions. (I keed I keed)

Simple fact is, I haven’t been able to touch the Faux-Kickstarter project yet. My hope is Thursday night I will do nothing but get myself all situated for that. It is a little known fact, but I hate naps. Outright despise them. I feel that I already give Nyx enough hours, so a nap is just a waste of time. It is time that I could at the very least, be playing a game. At the most, creating and building. I dream enough during the day. So when I came home and fell unconscious, woke up to eat, shower, and then went right back to sleep… I knew I was sick.

Anyway – enough whining about my sniffles. I’m going to go drink some juice.