Oh Hastur, why does everyone fall for that.

Ok – the verdict is in – you guys are down with the idea of supporting a print copy of Dotwich Horror. Let me just answer one or two questions that have come in between here and the Facebook and stuff. The reason I’m not going with a Kickstarter is that Kickstarter is a big investment. You have to measure out the amount of money you need versus what you can get, and if you don’t reach that goal, you don’t get anything. Being completely transparent, I don’t NEED this to print the book, but it makes it easier. Every dollar is going to make it quicker and simpler to put it together.

Also, Kickstarter takes a cut. I’m not stingy enough to NOT want to give a company a cut if they help me put a project together, but this project doesn’t need that much organization. It needs a button and a place for me to send you comics. TADA.

The last bit is, I am going to do a Kickstarter. Probably a big one that I have no chance of achieving. I have a few ideas as to the type of thing I’d want to put together. I don’t want to blow my Kickstarter wad on a project where I ask for $250 or something simple like that.

So there you go – by next week I’ll be posting up the details on the Dotwich Horror Pre-Order Cthulu-Funpack.

Thanks guys!