Ok – here’s the skinny!

The Dotwich Horror is slated to end before the end of the summer. That’s my goal. When it is completed it is going to be a nice sized comic. (This being page 23, the traditional size of a contemporary funnybook). So what I’d like to do is print it and sell it at conventions. Full color comics always do well, and I think this story is epic enough to warrant such a venture.

So with that in mind, on Weds, the “donation” page will go live. The donations are going to work mostly like a Kickstarter, but without all of that corporate overhead. Plus, if I don’t reach goals, that’s cool, too. I’ll survive. What it DOES do is give me the opportunity to presell the comic.

All of this will be fine-tuned and posted on Weds, but what you will get with donations is:
$1 – $4 – A thank you and an awesome feeling in the pit of your gutsy-wuts.
$5 – $9 – A specially created set of 5 Dotwich Horror buttons. The Elder Gods, and a couple other characters. (Probably one button that just says OONTZ OONTZ)
$10 – $14 – A copy of the Dotwich Horror as soon as its published, and the set of buttons!
$15 – $24 – The above mentioned stuff and a Dotwich Horror print – 8.5×11 glossy
$25+ – I don’t know, what the hell do you want… seriously?

Any questions, concerns, prices too high, ideas for $25+ .. you let me know. I’m here all week.. try the veal.