I’ve finally caught up on sleep and plans and now am working on new plans to lose sleep over. So I had a thought that might help me out and help you guys too!

Dotwich Horror is getting longer by the page. Insanely so. I want to have it as a ready to be read graphic novel/comic by my summer cons. (Connecticon is next!) – So.. to make this happen, I’m thinking about doing a low-budget version of Kickstarter. What this means is that I’ll do a donation drive to help me with publishing and printing. If you donate $10 or more, you’ll get a free copy of the book before it finishes on the website, and I’ll probably throw a couple buttons or something cool in there for good measure.

This would help me do a nice print run for the con season, it will motivate me to put an end to this monstrosity (or at least GET to the end) as well as bring a bit of promotion to this ol’ dot land.

Would you guys be interested?