Heavens to Mergatroid – its Sunday and I had such a busy night last night that I forgot to update.

Ok – a few things before I go and teach children how to play D&D (I do that.. neat eh?)
1 – Note the top bar… it says Stop Censorship… this is part of the ongoing protest against SOPA and PIPA, two horrible pieces of legislation that will hurt the internet. Like kick it in the balls hurt it. On Wednesday there is going to be an internet protest of SOPA and PIPA, so don’t be shocked when you go to various websites and they are blacked out. IHL will be partaking as well, but the Weds update will follow shortly thereafter. I’m not thrilled that the protest is the same as my update day, but I emailed Reddit and Twitter.. and where they understood, they couldn’t move it JUST for me.

2 – Have you gone and looked at IHL Friends, Dern and Obsidians, kickstarter book that is reaching massive appeal? THE MONSTER ALPHABET BOOK – Please go check it out.. it’s going to be awesome.

3 – That’s it.. I just wanted you all to know that my wife is making fun of me for being late on today’s comic. (By late, meaning I forgot to upload the picture).