2 weeks and here’s the first post I don’t have much to say. I’ve been working on This Day In Alt-History this week and working on the next arc of IHL-U, so there hasn’t been much time for thinking. Things are quiet and comfy in the dotland – and I’ve just heard the first con invite, but I can’t say yes until I’m penned in. I will say that it is the first time I will have ever been to this state. OoooOOooo…

So I’m having a bit of a SOCIAL MEDIA CRISIS.. not that there is any problem with me on any of em’ – I’m more trying to figure out what I should be doing with them. IHL has a Facebook Page – I have a Twitter (@revvoice) and a G+.. and from what I understand, using them all to their fullest would bring more people to the Dot-Fold, but other than just shamelessly pimping on them.. they’re all kind of the same damned thing. =)

So, if you have any ideas as to what you might want out of your social media Hatton.. let me know.. otherwise, I’ll probably just keep doing what I’m doing.

Oh, and feel free to friend me on any of them. That’s not meant to be a shameless plug – just a recognition that some people might be hesitant. Go for it. I don’t care. Just be warned, I’m a little more, errr…. outspoken. =)