Did you read all of that on the front? Hope you did. It’s important. It’s really important.

IHL doesn’t pay for my lifestyle, which is extravagant and full of things I’ve gold plated unnecessarily. It does though, give me an outlet of creativity that little else in my lifetime ever has. Most of my fans that I know of are open-minded, free-willed, and creative types. Many of you have your own comics, blogs, DeviantArts, bands, or even just play with MemeBase or something like that. If you fall into that category, then SOPA and PIPA are putting your creativity and online outlets in danger.

The internet, likely the most important technology in our lifetime, is under threat.

Thankfully, at this point in time, SOPA seems off the table – but PIPA is still real, and I guarantee there will be another SOPA on the horizon.

Whether you believe that the system works well, or not at all – the time in which you’ve spent reading this – you could just as easily go to one of the links provided and sign a petition, write a letter, or make a phone call. If you don’t believe it works, then do it for the laughs. If you do believe that individual voices make the voice of the country and people, then add your voice in.

Sorry for the preachiness – but if I lost the internet that I know and love – I would have to go back to buying porn mags.. and nobody wants that.