What an exciting week!

For those of you who remained here from my exploits over at FARK.. well, welcome and I hope you figured out what’s going on.

For those who have no idea what’s going on – let me explain.

The SOPA Blackout was a very exciting time for ol Hatton – one of the places I frequent – the news aggregate Fark did this sort of ‘inmates run the asylum’ thing. They were approving oddball links left and right. So, why the hell shouldn’t I post? I think it would be funny.

Well – in my excitement, I posted Weds comic.. not the first page of the story.. not IHL #1 from 2003.. but Norse By Norsewest – Page 4. So when the critiques of WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP started pouring in, I took it hard on the chin. It really is a great read. If I hadn’t spent the last decade being referred to as ‘the dot guy’ I might have had my ego bruised. The fact is that I’ve been the dot guy for the last decade – if I can’t take criticism from someone who just glanced at my work and said ‘HATE IT’ .. I should get off the internet.

So thanks to Fark for an exciting day, and I hope one or two of you are from there. If not, at least I had an adventure.