I love that I sit down and all of a sudden I have a kitty on my lap. She knows its update time. Little do you know, but my cat Uatu is the brains behind this entire operation.

Anyway – couple things of note this week.
1 – Thank you all for the feedback on the book. I’m taking it into consideration – and I think my ideal dream is that I get to do the Omnibus. It’s a total vanity issue. I love giant tomes, and have a really great bookcase of them. Sandman and Walking Dead and the Waiting Place and Local… these great giant books where I feel like I’m reading Neverending Story. So, if I do that – it is so for me.. but I realize that it comes at a cost if I want to do a limited run for fans. I’m going to sit down with my printer in the coming weeks and see what the best financial decision is.

2 – Palmetto noticed! I’m so happy somebody noticed! The dots on the last page were SIDEWAYS! Ok, that sounds so stupid, but one of the great things about the process of me doing IHL-U is that I can really try different staging and positioning for the characters, and one of them was redesigning Loki (and Sigyn) at 3/4 face. It is a little detail, but I was so stupidly proud of that page when I was done with it, I was beaming. I hope that the little evolutions of my skillset continue to show as the stories go on. I’m currently working on next month’s story, and the pages just come to life…

3 – Lastly – Con-Season is on its way in the first quarter of the new year (Happy New Year by the way) – If there is a convention that you frequent or know of that would like an amusing, charming, tablemonkeying, panel guy, who loves to babble for a weekend about the world of comics, movies, and general jackassery.. tell them you know a guy. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a bit of the midwest this year, so might as well see more of it.

See you guys Wednesday!