So here is page one of Norse by Norsewest. This comic is going to grow with feedback – so PUH-LEEZE tell me what you think.

That leads me to an interesting discussion. I recently posted up on the facings of book that I was considering how to go forward with publication. I currently self-publish two books. They encompass the first 200 comics of IHL. I’ve been working on and off Book 3 for the last few months… but now that IHLv1 is done… I got to thinking. Is 10 books of 100 comics each really the right way to go?

So the current consideration is to possibly move to 4 tomes of 250 comics each – and maybe – if there is enough calling – and perhaps a Kickstarter… MAYBE an Omnibus 1000 edition. That is going to take a lot of work though, as I can’t imagine the price of such a beast – even though my vanity wants it SO badly.

So what are your thoughts? Keep going with the little 100 comic volumes? Do 4 of 250? Want to be my secret sugarmomma/daddy backer for the Omnibus edition?

Let me know.