Hi everyone – Happy New Years!

Here’s the skinny – I didn’t mention when the comic was updating because I didn’t know yet. That’s a very truthful and scary prospect, but the reasoning is this:

Since IHL-U is a page comic.. it takes longer to do than IHL did… my original goal was to do a page a week… but I have good news. After the last two weeks, I’m certain I can give you two a week.

WOO! So IHL-U’s update schedule is officially SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY – that’s two pages a week – roughly one story each month.

Also, please note the new buttons below.. which is one for IHL#1 and one for IHLU#1. They’re loverly, aren’t they. Thank Jim, who is going to be helping me do some work on the site, including the hopeful IHL-Store fix I’ve been wanting to do for the last year.

See you Wednesday for the beginning of NORSE BY NORSEWEST!