I know I mentioned on Sunday that I was on Uncle Yo’s ‘WE ARE THE GEEK’ again, but I don’t know if the episode came out or not by then. Farbeit from me to go look and see what I did, roughly two clicks away, instead I’m just going to post the link again.

Me and Uncle Yo discussing EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS on WE ARE THE GEEK:: This is the link

Now that’s out of the way. I sat and watched a half dozen episodes of Highschool of the Dead to make sure I got all of the proper notes of today’s page proper… then I did an image search for Sailor Moon and actually did the work. For as many anime cons as I do, there aren’t many that I’ve truly watched – and I don’t know what I was expecting when I started watching HSOTD.. I remember the last time trying to watch it that it was a little fanservicey. Lo and behold, I forgot how truly fanservicey it was.

Anyway – the minute that I introduced Pesty’s ‘female character’ – I knew this was going to end in a Super Magic Girl joke… I hope I’ve done it well.