One or two notes:

1) So I’m working on the cars still – I should have Pride for you on Wednesday if anybody wants to see… the ideas aren’t easy to come up, with I will admit. Some are definitely more natural.

2) So for those who aren’t aware, I like video games. This surely can’t be told from my comic, as I’ve NEVER made reference to old school video gaming, or had an entire storyline about Portal guns. So yeah, big shock – I like games. I’ve been computer gaming since my parents had a C64 and I dominated it. Over the years, my tastes in games has changed and more and more it has to be something amazingly stellar for me to get hyped about a big name title. I’m not saying that I haven’t sat down and dedicated a reasonable amount of hours to games like Arkham City, but a game like that is going to be the exception and not the rule.

What I do play is a growingly long list of indie games. Steam has made it so easy for me to drop $5 and grab a game that has just as much love to it, and less editorial mandate.

To celebrate this, I’ve started writing a column over at Marty F’n Day’s entertainment website Blast-O-Rama! So, do me a favor, and go check out my first review for a free game I found on the internet called ‘SAVE THE DATE’. I’ll make sure to continue to give you guys the links.

Lastly – Should I put a tweeter app on here.. do people reading websites even care about those things? I never know because I personally don’t, but I have very specific tastes.