Happy Sunday all – a couple of notes for your perusal.

One – I’ve started using twitter more regularly, so if you want to come say hi – its over at @revvoice.

Next – I don’t have another car today.. mostly because it has been a busy work week – when they say do OT, you do OT.

Lastly, I will have some podcast posts for you coming soon as I was featured on the IKASUCON Podcast this past week, I recorded another episode of AWESOME: THE PODCAST earlier in the week, and last week I recorded an episode of We Are The Geek with friend Uncle Yo. The moment these things get posted, I’ll make sure you all know.

So, having done so much recording in the last two weeks, all I want to do is a podcast again. The problem is, I honestly don’t really love anything ENOUGH to dedicate the sort of time a podcast needs. Back when it was me and two friends talking about pro-wrestling, I enjoyed watching & mocking the product a lot more. There’s nothing I dedicate that much time to in my life these days.. I’m spread remarkably thin on every single thing. That’s not a complaint, I just don’t sit and read 50 comics in a week. I read a handful. I don’t watch unending marathons of tv shows. I watch one or two. I live a life of media moderation now…

Is there anything YOU want to hear me prattle on about weekly?