Today’s guest strip goes to new(er) fan Melody! I heard a rumor she went to New Orleans for Halloween dressed as a dot… I have no verifiable proof of this, but it might have happened. Thank you Melody for being such an awesome fan.

Also – as you guys know – I have a wonderful relationship with the folks who do all of the Wicked Events. They are throwing one this weekend, the Alt Living Expo which promises to be a VERY cool show. One part convention, one part home & bridal show.. all of it with an air towards the subcultured. Please give it a looksie.. tell them James Hatton sent you! In fact… make a scene when they ask… ‘HOW THE FUCK DON’T YOU KNOW THAT HATTON SENT ME! HE IS A GOD.. A GGGGOOOOODDDD’ use fake blood if available.