Do you read Joe Loves Crappy Movies? You should. This week’s guest strip comes from the creator – Joe Dunn! An amusing anecdote about Joe.. one that I sadly can tell about more than one person.

After seeing Joe at a few cons.. loving his comic.. I finally got up the nerves (Yes, even I have nerves) to say hello and introduce myself. He promptly told me that we had met a couple of times, and when he was first starting his comic, he gave me a flyer or card or something like that and asked if I’d check it out.

I obviously DID check it out – because I’ve been a fan for awhile – and I legit probably put it in my pile of ‘check these out’ flyers and eventually got through them.. (I do actually go through them! …eventually) and became a fan, but didn’t remember who handed it to me.

I’m not ashamed to admit that… sorry Joe. Glad to know ya, and I appreciate you giving me a day off.

Joe Dunn everybody!