Today’s guest strip comes from the master craftsman of WEAPON BROWN and you can find his work over at What Is Deep Fried? – Jason Yungbluth!

Jason, whether he realizes or not, is one of the first guys I remember going to cons on a regular basis many moons ago, as when I first saw him he was decked out LIKE Weapon Brown. Yellow shirt, hand drawn black squiggle.. shaved head with the little front curl. It was surreal.

He also, a couple of years later saw me at a con and yelled at me ‘HATTON! I’VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE YOU!’ he then grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled a circle on a piece of paper… and proclaimed happily, ‘Fan art!’ – He was the first to make that joke at me.

So, Jason, it is fantastic to have this come, pardon the pun, full circle and see you do a piece for IHL… thanks, Sir.