So that’s it. That’s the first storyline of IHL-U in one big package. I hoped you guys like it.

I will tell you that it isn’t even the best I’ve done so far. The next two storylines are comics that I have tried time and time again to start for publishing – but just couldn’t get them finished. For some reason this format has been utterly condusive to me creating comics, so they are getting done – and they are some of the best work I have ever ever ever done.

So there we go. Also, I hope you notice some of the little changes around the site. They will be moving and shifting as it goes on, because with IHL-U, it is in my best interest to stay on top of this. So, there we go.

Question for you – that banner of stuff that has been to the right.. would you guys be offended if I moved it down and put a banner of advertising like I do on the left, or is that too much shame to shove into a comic. The fact is that most of you read this cominc on RSS feed anyways, so I don’t know if it even matters. Ah well. Please, leave comments and tell me what you think. Merry Christmas everyone!

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