It’s still Sunday! It’s not late! I can still make things right!

Just got back from Raven Con a few hours ago. Had a decent time, and I hope if some of you guys are looking at the strip for the first time… this probably isn’t the best strip to START OUT on. The guy in the last panel is Baron Samedi.. he’s a Voodoo god. The rest of it you kinda have to go and read through the archives for. I really should break this stuff down into storylines.

Anyway, I wanted to once again thank Bryan Hello With Cheese Prindiville and his lovely lady for a fantastic time and easing me back into doing conventions after my hiatus. His partner in crime Dern showed up and along with Barb & Chris from Sledgebunny, Chris Capes & Babes Flick, and Kara Con Screw Dennison – I had one of the most fun shitty movie discussions I’ve had in a very very long time. (Mind you, I hold shitty movie discussions in HIGH regard).

Lastly, cool meeting hellos with:
Voodoo Walrus – My smoke break buddies, and a fun comic that I will be giving a full looksie at.
Rob Baldur – FuMP singer, and man who made me wake up on Sunday and discuss politics! Damn you Rob!
The Blibbering Humdingers – I now officially have a friend who does Wizard Rock!
Devo Spice – I now officially have a friend who does Nerdcore!

I’m so much more cultured.. like strep… last lil shout outs go to Ally and Libby who kept me company and hydrated all weekend. You girls rocked.