Ah – another week – another sojourn down into hell…

So, on one end, I’m getting ready for WildPigCon – On the other, I’m getting ready to change the entire advertising layout of the site as I mentioned last week. It’s inevitable that the REAL answer to my next question is ‘None’, but if that is taken completely out of the option list… I’m asking you guys what kind of advertising would you mind.

After a discussion with Dern, the thought process is to use advertising that you might actually be INTERESTED in. That’s why I chose the Rifftrax for one, because I think it’s the type of thing my audience (that’s you) would like. Dern suggested the idea of putting a recommended Amazon list. It’ll have movies I’ve recently watched… books I’ve read, etc.

What’s great about BOTH of those advertising ideas is that you don’t need to buy the exact things I’m suggesting. Meaning if you go to Rifftrax through my link.. and don’t buy NEW MOON, but go and buy TRANSFORMERS… you are still throwing revenue at IHL. (And getting a really f’n funny Rifftrax)

The negative to those adverters is that just going and clicking through the link isn’t enough for them. For me to see any revenue (which is the ultimate goal of having advertisers) that means that you guys have to buy something.

So, with Rifftrax and Amazon as the examples – would you guys consider using IHL as your portal to go to those two sites to purchase things – or is it more reasonable for me to leave a plain ol’ advertiser like I have now?

See you on Friday..