Hey guys – as you read this – I’m likely on the long and winding road to Virginia.

If you are reading this at 4am.. I’m blearly drinking coffee as I get in the car.

If you are reading this at 8am.. I’m listening to books on tape and cursing violently at Washington DC traffic.

If you are reading this at 10am.. I’m at RAVENCON!

Ok – that’s all I got today. I have some more photos to post of the tattoo excursion from Tina, that will be going up either Sunday or Weds. Now though I figure I might as well tell you a couple plans I have for when I get back.

This is the first convention of a new season for me, and I’m SO f’n happy to get back out on the road and sell books and meet fans and all that. It’s been another stressful year in the life of the Hatton… and now that I’ve left the sucker of my soul (*cough*FourBucks) I honestly now feel reinvigorated and creative and want to put together books and finish projects. I really feel that this summer I’m going to be banging out more IHL than I ever have before.

There is business to attend to first, though. First I have to finish the print job on IHL BOOK 2. I have to fix the IHL STORE. I am going to be running a simple little twitter contest for some books. I am also going to be overhauling my entire advertising system. As I hope you’ve seen, I have been posting Rifftrax ads in the blog. That will be going away in lieu of a full Rifftrax banner, replacing one of the Project Wonderful banners. Wonderful will probably be slowly fading away from the site as I just don’t feel I’m getting much out of it anymore – plus I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of the SAME ads there. It’s a lot of the backdoor business stuff that I’m fairly certain most webcomics people DON’T talk about out of some protection of the business side of it… but I’ve always tried to be as transparent as possible. Advertising should grant me money. Project Wonderful stopped doing that around December of last year. At least I know =I= love Rifftrax, and if you guys have never bought one, or do so frequently… all I ask is you use my link to get to it.

(Go and get yourself the Rifftrax for Twilight or The Room.. both brilliant.)

Ok – off to bed now for my grueling drive. Love you all. I hope to see a few fans in VA.