Ok… how badass is that. IHL might be one of the most tattooed webcomics out there. Featured in that picture is Baron Samedi, Pan, and Panel #3 of the ‘missing’ strip #25. The back is that of newly crowned mega-fan, Tina!

Tina messaged me through the IHL Facebook group and asked if I would mind her grafting art on her body. Of course, I said that I would need a nickle from everyone who glances at it. So, I’ll be expecting royalties from Tina’s shoulders to be coming in soon! Seriously though, she asked for some higher rez art… and tada.. she is now the proud owner of a couple of fantastic deific types gracing her body. HOW FRIGGING COOL IS THAT!

So, this is the last strip before I head off to RavenCon in VA. I hope to see you guys there. Before I go though, I want to introduce our new advertising provider… I’d like to say that I spoke with these guys personally and they LOVE IHL.. as it’s obvious I love them, but sadly it comes through an advertising company. I ask you though, that if you are a fan of Rifftrax – please click that picture to buy it through my little portal (and the portals that will be on the site next week) – as it helps support IHL.

Thanks kids! Posts will be comin, but I’ll be in VA.