The evolution of a comic!

I posted up on the Facebook group – a version of this picture, but my friend and long time supporter Steven reminded me that the KaBlam book wasn’t the FIRST in the history of the IHL TPB.

That to the left there is the first BOOK 1: THE CENTURION. Published on higher end paper and printed on Dani’s printer to sell at conventions… there aren’t that many of those in existance. I’d like to believe that if I ever get huge rich and famous… that will be the collectors item. That and the limited edition collection of girls heads I’ve been stacking in the basement. I used to give those books out to people to try out the material. They made me feel so INDY… it was swanky.

Anyway. The middle book is the KaBlam book. It’s suited me well for a very long time, and I will recommend KaBlam to anyone who is trying to get their book published. They’ve been fantastic to me over the years. The book on the right though – is the future. I know it’s not EASY to tell, but the coverstock is LESS glossy. It’s a gloss matte with no varnish. It’s a LITTLE bigger. It’s also a LITTLE heavier. All of these are good things. Also, in two weeks when BOOK 2: BICENTENNIAL gets printed.. it’ll be the same size – and red!

Hope you all had a great Easter.