And God has spoken… like you guys didn’t know that was coming…

Thanks for the support to my San Diego post. As the details come in to me, I’ll of course let you know. Right now, myself and the team of webcomickers that are planning on sharing a space are currently working on getting off of the WAITING LIST. I admittedly might start the donation drive before then, but I promise that if I do NOT go to San Diego or reach the monetary goal, that money will be going towards IHL STUFF or another convention. I’ve heard I have some fans in TX that want me to go visit.. possibly Chicago. That’s only if San Diego doesn’t go through though.

So – now that I feel that there are a few of you out there willing to support this plan.. what would YOU want? Can you think of something that IHL could provide to you as a thank you? Lemme know.

Happy Sunday.