Nebraskon – 8 days away

So, for those who don’t read all my whining – just the occasional – I’m unemployed. It sucks. Being unemployed royally blowwwwws. It is a mix between doing a percentage of what you wanted to get done, trying to find work, and slagging off on things you should be doing.

I’d like to say that I’ve used this time wisely. Gotten my room in order, organized my comic books, finished a new IHL book, finished the IHL coloring book, written a buffer of strips to last me til Christmas… I’d like to say all of those things. I haven’t.

Hell, I’m even considering going back to school at this point, but of course that means still needing to pay rent and things.

The next big thought process is figuring out a way to better monetize IHL. I will NEVER stop giving you guys a minimum of 3 strips a week, but what might I offer to you guys extra that might somehow bring in scratch. I know that a lot of you folks aren’t financially well off enough to support MOI, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t possibly GIVE you things that would make it worth your while.

So, discuss… this isn’t me begging for money or even asking for it… it’s just a ‘hey, have any ideas how to MAKE money for me?’

Love you all,