What’s up kids. Thanks for the suggestions on how to make some scratch. There is actually a donate button to the right of the page. That’s not me begging for you to click it. Just gesturing towards it since someone asked.

What I will do instead of whining about my financial woes tho is remind you all that if you didn’t know – I have a NEW FRIGGIN WEBCOMIC! It’s not altogether that huge yet, as I keep getting interrupted by conventions, but it’s called Rorschach and I’m not promoting it that hard yet because there are only 6 or so up. I’d much prefer to wait on the movement bandwagon til I have a nice 10 up there.

The idea is that on Monday nights (which I should put a button on here somewhere) – I go into a chatroom and take a Rorschach Blot that I created myself and draw a comic on top of it. You guys can watch me do it – hear me do it – talk to me via chatroom – and listen to the music I’m listening to while doing it. Usually the show runs about an hour, and as it gets more popular, I’ll be offering ways to own the originals like a traditional comic artist does.

So, it’s been a nice happy weekend. Went to a friend’s housewarming party (Hi Carlo!) and saw Zack & Miri which seems like the hybrid between Jersey Girl (which I think got a bad wrap and is a fun movie) and the more traditional wit-based Kevin Smith movie. Somewhere in the middle. Not his best, but not horrible in the slightest. B+.

Okie dokie kids… enjoy the rest of your weekend.