Back from SugoiCon!

Ok, so I lied about taking time off. I really thought I wanted time off…. but then a few things happened:
1 – I realized I don’t wanna take time off.
2 – I can post the SugoiCon strips separately in a new section on the site going up later this week. (More on that later)
3 – Today is the 550th strip!!! Another banner number achieved!

So, now to talk SugoiCon.

First, as always, thanks go to the show for bringing me back, and the amazing staff that they have. They treated me even better than last year, and last year I felt it was the highlight of my convention year. I felt like going into it, I wasn’t just a webcomic guy that they happened to stroll across and like enough to give a shot… I really felt like one of the family. Corny, a bit, but seriously, from the minute Jason (The King Of Guest Relations) picked me up, to the minute Nate (The Almighty Tzar King ConChair) dropped me off – I was in convention wonderland.

As I did last year, I got to hang out with Chris Ayres, and his brother Greg. This year they brought two other voice actors along for the trip, Josh Grelle, and Sofia Mendez. So a whole group of voice actors, but I also got to hang out with Dan Hess from Realms Of iShikaze again and new friends Draz and Shannon Townsend from Otaku No Yen!

Enough name dropping – I had an amazing time. Now for the big news. Sugoi was going to be my last show of the year, but because of Draz and Shannon – I’ve been invited to ANIME NEBRASKON!! So in two weeks I’ll be flying out to Nebraska to start this whole shebang over again! Any fans in Nebraska? There will be soon…

Til Friday,