Well, what is there to say about Balticon. Let me first address to any of you new fans.. HI! I hope those that found me through Balticon were pleased with your purchases, or even just find the comic funny enough to keep visiting three times a week.

If I did my job well, then there are some new older readers, and that’s what amazed me about BaltiCon, and I assume sci-fi shows in general. There is a passion there for science fiction novels and tales that I’d never seen before. I’ve read my share of hardcore science fiction, and I’ve heard all of the geek jokes about those that are deep into that niche. Aside from doing Rennasaince Festivals for a batch of years, I never in my life saw the thriving geekdom as I did at this show.

Let me state that this isn’t an insult. I do a webcomic fer Dot’s sake. I’m like one step removed from furries on the pantheon of ‘comic cool’. So, when some older folks (50+) seemed intrigued by my table and I expected the standard brush off that I’ve received COUNTLESS times at comic shows from older readers, I got back things like ‘Oh! I’ve been looking for new webcomics’ and ‘Is it similar to XKCD or PENNY ARCADE’? Which is amazing that not only are these people aware of the webcomics movement, they are aware (at the very least) of those that are leading the pack.

It was amazing, and it makes me feel so much better than the times I’ve had to explain to aged classic comic types that my comic isn’t like ‘Spider-Man on the Internet’. So, if you are over the age of 45 and reading this – give yourself a pat on the back for not looking at these new fangled int3rn0tz and screaming for all these LOLcats to ‘GET OFF MY LAWN!’

Til Friday,