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Oh Noes! Not Mister Snuffles!

An interesting thing about panels. I love em. Darren of Dear Pirate made mention of this, and it’s a really true point: It doesn’t matter how many people go to a panel, if you get a bunch of webcomic (and I assume comics and any other like-minded geekdom) in a room together, they’ll FIND things to talk about.

Is the topic ART.. SURE! We all love art! Is the topic WRITING.. SURE! We all love writing! What about business?! SURE! Nobody is making money off of webcomics… ok, most people aren’t.

Anyway, Sunday was panel day, and every one I went to was really just us shooting the shit about what we love to do and answering questions from the few folks that decided to sit and listen to us.

I highly recommend going to see the panels at smaller style shows. They probably are just sitting there and talking about whatever you want. Plus, we love the attention. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Til Sunday,