Back from Balticon and boy are my arms tired…. oh that old rib never gets old.

Let’s get the list out of the way for the people that deserve definite mentions for their duty in the Army Of The Dot personified in Exemplary Coolness:
Dear Pirate’s Darren Gendron and his wife Kendra were the most fantastic of hosts. We spent the weekend goofing on each other – I ate his food – his wife and I made googly eyes at each other – all while he spouted facts about Chuck Yeager. It was fantastic.
Onezumi & Harknell, whom got me the gig at Balticon, and were excellent movers and shakers in their own right. Since they aren’t that far away travel wise, I am looking forward to hanging with them in the nearer future than the next con we happen to meet up at.
Bryan Prindiville – Look… IHL is a different kind of strip. I get that. This guy, whether he realizes it or not, did some work that inspired me. You need an iPod to see it (I think), but it’s fucking neat. Seriously. Plus, he is a fantastic artist, and one of the nicest people I’ve had the fortune of hanging with at a convention.
Bree! of Sex, Drugs, and June Cleaver, which might be the greatest name for a comic ever-like-ever-ever. She was the bearer of treats, and cooler than all of us. Bad-ass through and through.
Rosscott is another guy whom I don’t get to see often enough, but he’s just a cool cat.
EDIT! And how could I have missed the boys of Dead Of Summer. Marty and I got to be on a panel, and recognized that we mutually are blind due to Darren’s choice of Hawaiian shirts. Sorry for missing you guys. 🙂

The stories and things that occured at Balticon will come out over the next week, as they tend to. I did want to make sure I told you all the great people I got to hang around with though. Please, make sure to go check out their work, and tell them I sent you – so that they know I love them that much.

For now, I have to get ready for TOMORROW’S comic (I promise, I’m getting back to the standard SUN/WED/FRI schedule) – but for now you all have a fantastic day, and I hope you had a great holiday.