I missed a couple names – Soak, Sarah, and Steve of Joy’s Japanimation

Ok I got that out of the way.

Two things for the quick update today:
1 – T-Shirts will be mailed out this weekend, Monday the latest.
2 – BIG KEV’S GEEK STUFF has Episode 100 up, which features.. well.. me.

Falling unconscious now.. much love,
Night – J

UPDATE: Hey kids – I was talking with Christi of In The Puddle & Corsetto of Dummyheads with Slingshots and it seems that they’ve had a LOT of nice response to doing wallpapers for people. The idea is that if you donate to the site – a dollar – five hundred dollars – you get a free desktop wallpaper. It changes from time to time so you have new things you can download.

Would you guys be interested in some extra dot art that way? Perhaps a more detailed Che’ Guevar devil – or classic comic covers done in dot form – or group shots – etc?

Would that interest you guys? Anyone? Bueller?