Hey all – before I go and give you the big list of Pittsburgh people, let me just address that there have been a lot of new hits to the site. Quite a few of them are because I’ve been linked up to some forums and link repository sites. Hell, the comments they are leaving on their own sites are less than savory to boot! Here is my statement to them and I might even move it up to strip #1 so they can see it and understand:

In His Likeness started as an attempt to do a webcomic as a writer with no artistic talent. Not all of the strips have been funny, but I doubt every strip PVP or PENNY ARCADE have been laugh riots. (The only exception I can think of that has yet to miss for me is PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP, and I’m sure I could find one or two in there that aren’t perfect) — Anyway — by going and reading just the first 10 or so, you are missing the fact that I’ve been doing this for 4 years and the style and focus of the strip has danced dramatically around. I’m not saying that IHL is the end-all be-all of greatness. I AM saying that by giving it 10 strips and giving up on it.. you are selling it short. Hell, it took me 25 just to learn what the hell I was doing. So, enjoy the site or hate the site.. choice is yours, but I figured I’d give you at least that little bit of return critique.

Now, onto Pittsburgh. I’ll have stories to tell as the week progresses, but here are some highlighted folks that deserve shout-outs:
PETE STATHIS – If you ever need a roommate. Ask for Pete. This is his second year crashing with me at Pittsburgh, and he’s always fantastic to hang around. Plus, Evenfall is an excellent book.
CHRISTI! – I probably spelt her name wrong. Anyway, it was so fantastic to see Christi of In The Puddle again now that she’s Mrs. The Puddle (or whatever her new last name is). I love hanging out with her, and look forward to hanging with her at Otakon.
ACID POPTART – Pin-up model and actress who boothed next to me all weekend. Not only a trip and a half to hang around, she doesn’t stop partying… ever.
HATE YOUR FRIENDS – My comic find of the weekend, written by Kristen Blank & art’ed up by Michael Wood. I swear I read the first issue last year, but ignoring that – these guys were awesome to hang around and their book is really fantastic.
JASON YOUNGBLUTH – I love Jason and I love his comic. He’s got a new issue of Deep Fried! Go read it..
AARON DOUGLAS – With a website that hasn’t updated since 2006, the Chief on Battlestar is my new favorite toaster.
JAY FIFE – Amazing artist and dot revolutionary. It’s always good to see Jay.
EVA HOPKINS – Congrats to Eva on getting DARK IVORY #1 out! I look forward to reading it.
– Not to mention, DEBS, ROSE, SOAK, RYAN, DAN, CHRIS, THE NEXUS CREW, AMY FLETCHER & HER HUBBY, REBECCA & HER HUBBY, and of course my traveling hetero-sexual lifemate Jeffrey… and *cough* danielle corsetto…

See ya Friday kids.