And Pittsburgh is in the record books.

Now, when I say that it’s in the record books, one might assume that I broke records. I didn’t break records, but I did have an amazing time, which I was fairly certain I would. There is a list of people that I have to link to and thank and give shoulder rubs too, but not tonight. I already had to figure out why the site didn’t update today (misdated strip)

Anyway. I met some old friends. I made some new friends. I even did a couple business dealies that WHEN I can talk about them I will. As soon as Wildcat emails me some of the pictures you will get to see:
– The most adorable sketch I think I’ve ever done.
– My first cosplayer
– AND MANY MORE (Ok not that many..)

Until the big linkey update of Weds. Have a nice night & Monday/Tuesday.