If you are reading this – then I’m in Pittsburgh.

Sunday strip will be a bit late, but it will appear – promise.

I highly recommend while you wait patiently for me to return with the ‘I LOVE CONVENTIONS’ or ‘I HATE CONVENTIONS’ post that tends to follow after I go to shows, go over to BIG KEV’S GEEK STUFF! and listen as I’m the special guest and get to goof off with the guys. I want to thank Kev and OG for having me on, and I look forward to hanging with them again.

I now have to go get ready for the convention… do you know how hard it is to pack when you know you are going to be seeing Danielle Corsetto? It’s insane.. the key is to get large chunks of meat and hang them on fishing poles so you can motivate her to move around the convention hall instead of sitting in her own filth. Mostly we do that so we can clean her with a rag on a stick. It’s disgusting, but we do what we must because we love.

We’ll see you on Sunday..ish.

PS – Let me repeat that all jokes aimed towards Miss Corsetto are made out of mutual non-sexual love.