Today is finally frigging Pre-Order day!

Let me explain what goes on now… below, in the OTHER BLOG section is the two tables of PAYPAL buttons. It’s frigging ugly, I know – but Paypal’s free shopping cart has it’s limitations… I’ll be doing my best to pretty it up over the next 48 hours. It serves it’s purpose for now, though. The shirts are pre-order $14 with shipping waived. (Roughly $12.00 or so for the shirt). If you get your order in within the next week, you get that price. Afterwards, the shirts will be moving up to $14 or $15 PLUS S&H.

Please note again: These shirts aren’t made yet! They are in the process of BEING made, so once I have a quantity of orders, they will go to press and be shipped out two weeks after that. I want my first shipment in my hands before I leave for Pittsburgh, so you should expect your shirt shortly after that. (Or if you are COMING to Pitts, you let me know, and we’ll make arrangements.)

One last thing – I’ll be adding the BACK image later today or tomorrow, but it will say ‘JOIN THE DOT REVOLUTION’ with the website. Thank you all for all the support. Intense amounts.

EDIT: Seems that it’s not giving you the shipping discount. So it will process as $5 more than you should be paying. If it charges you that – IT WILL BE REFUNDED. I’m working on a more perminant fix.