The response for the shirts has been fantastic so far! It doesn’t look pretty, but it works. If I can get this whole online store thing working – well I’ll go and invest in a shopping cart system, but for now – it is what it is.

Anyway, I’ve seen a few of you who have said that they will see me at Pittsburgh. Do me a favor and drop me an email and make sure you tell me what you are getting. Even if it’s the obvious ‘Men’s Lg T-Shirt’ – let me know so I guarantee one for you. It let’s me know how many shirts are dedicated to people, and how many I have available to sell.

For those who have no frigging idea what I’m talking about – it’s the pre-order on the IN DOT WE TRUST shirt. Scroll down and click a button. The Pre-Order will be lasting until sometime on Sunday/Monday morning. That will be the cut off for pre-order and the shipping and handling special. I’ll also make mention that if you don’t get in on the pre-order, there will be a period of time where the shirts are unavailable again. That’s not a threat, but I’m dealing in small orders until I have enough to last.

Til Sunday kids,

EDIT: Happy Birthday Ali!!! How dare I forget. *Big hugs*