It’s rare that I finish a strip and get an actual groaning laugh out of it. This one made me. For those into those sorts of jokes, hope you groaned too.

Now, two interesting things today.

First – there is a certain amount of spam that I deal with on this site every day. It’s a basic issue with using a fairly well established software. People’s little bots post up all over the place. Most of them are fairly obvious spam.. links to porn sites or other crap. Occasionally, you get a weird one. So it seems that for whatever reason, these bots grab random text about whatever something about your page says and then regurgitate it. Why… no idea. So I got a real laugh when one of the spam comments was actually a review of IHL written by someone else!? It was so amusing, I almost kept it.

The second thing of note is that I started using Stumble Upon for my own evil little machinations. If you don’t know what Stumble is, it’s this little non-invasive plug-in (as non-invasive as they get anyway) that lets you choose a bunch of crap you like. Then when you are bored you click the ‘Stumble’ button and it’s like random websurfing for topics you choose. You can also recommend sites that you like to the service and they will get added to the milieu.

So I’ve been adding IHL strips here and there and I’m starting to see return on it. So if you found me due to Stumble.. HI! If you have stumble, click that lil thumbs up for IHL so more people can share in the merryment.

Til Sunday,