Happy Sunday all!

So a quick thanks to those webcomicky folks I know that have gone over to nominate me for those Webcomics awards. The nominations start Monday, so let’s cross our fingers and try and get IHL a lil recognition. I told you, I’m a full force motivation machine this year. You’ll see….. every last one of you!!! I’ll show you all!!!!! (Pardon the mania… I’m exhausted)

Seconderly, now if you click directly on the post number (Such as this case #422) you can go directly to the single post and read people’s comments (which you probably already know of…) NOW though, that page has a lil Stumble Upon icon. Feel free to click it when I’ve made you laugh.

Ok, so next Weds I promise not be so forceful about the pimping. I’ll go and throw up a picture of a cat macro or something. Promise.

Have a great weekend,