So I noticed that in Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots book, she not only had to go and outdo me again by making her book full of 200 strips as compared to my 100, she added a bunch of extra crap in the back of the book. Like sketches and banners and ‘How A Bill Becomes A Law’ and a bunch of other crap! Fine, if you people want DVD extras in your trades.. you’ll get em. I see how it is.

Dani and I are currently working on putting together the Book 2 and Book 3 of IHL for the 08 Convention Season (Probably debuting at Pittsburgh) so now I have to come up with a bunch of extras so I can continue to be better than Danielle ‘Hack’ Corsetto!? Fine. Be that way. Feel free to email me or comment here about the kidn of thing you would like to see from IHL. Admittedly, one of the books will proably have the ‘How IHL exists’ kind of thing, but the second one I’m starting to think might be more tongue in cheek… like ‘IHL Through the Ages’ or something like that.

What are your thoughts?

Oh, and two last things. Go ahead and if you don’t listen to Comic Geek Speak, you should.. that’s not just because on their most recent ‘Off The Rack’ CGS-Jamie (Not me) was nice enough to give me and Corsetto a review of our trades. Just wanted to say thank you to them publicly.. it makes me look the right amount of ass-kissing.. plus those guys rock.

Finally, have a safe and happy New Years. I’ll be drunk.
Much love,