Evening everyone.

It’s time for New Years Resolutions. Over the next year, what will make IHL better? In the last year I did two comics featuring the IHL crew. Both were Meph Noir, and both were Choose Your Own Adventures. (The 2nd one should be appearing on the store site any day now).

Over the next year, at the very least I’ll be getting a tattoo of IHL on my body somewhere – but what else can I do to get IHL out to the masses? As we move into 2008, I find myself pondering more and more about the future of the strip. I’m not planning on ending it, but that means that it has to continue to evolve. I think the last two storylines have shown a major evolution of the way I handle longer arcs. It will continue to grow, and hopefully the changes are all for the better.

What do YOU think.

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