Wooo, a few short days away from the big party!

I shouldn’t be writing.  I should be working on that strip.

So, while I’m working.. you go read High Moon over at Zuda.Com.

Oh, and I updated my schedule as to where I’m going to be.  I just got my itinerary for SugoiCon… I hope to see at least one or two of you there.  If you ARE going to be there, drop me an email so I know who to look for.  Since I’m Guest of Honor, I will be kinda hard to miss.  I made sure they have a golden throne set up for me.  If you don’t see that, look for the girls dressed like Rei Ayonami feeding someone peeled grapes .

Mmmm…. Rei Grapes…. I should go write some fanfic.  See ya on Sunday! – J