This is it!!!!

Ok. I know this sounds allll sorts of silly, but I do have to throw out some thank yous for this strip. Dani for cropping and it was admittedly her idea to get all the faces. Next, every single person that sent me feedback or pictures gets a HUGE thank you. I hope you like what I did.

So not to rest … now it’s time to get ready for the wedding!

Please, everybody who offered themselves up to this fun little project, take a bow, and let me know what you think.

Much love – Jamie

UPDATE – I’ve noticed a few people saying that their photo wasn’t included.ย  I first off apologize.ย  Second off, if you write me in the comment section or email me, I’ll make sure you get in there as long as I have your photo and it was somehow missed.ย  Thanks for understanding. (How many people have I re-added in?ย  So far… 3… can you figure out WHERE!?)