First off – here’ s a special card from me to you. Feel free to post it where ever someone needs some Halloween Spirit.

Now, one other thing before I go away.. and I’m going to mention it a few more times as it deserves mentioning. My friend David Gallaher is one of the entrants of Zuda Comics which is part free webcomic content and part contest for those that are in the first batch. His comic is called HIGH MOON. Now I’m not telling you to log into Zuda and go and vote for him because I say so. You should go to Zuda and read his story and then if you feel that you don’t like werewolves, cowboys, and America.. then you should NOT vote for him. Otherwise, go ahead and give him 5 stars.

Ok, must go to bed now, but you all have a Hally Happoween.
– J