So, I did a thing today.

I felt the urge to write a comic like I have a few times in the past, and I posted it to Facebook. What I didn’t expect was the outpouring of people saying how happy they were to see the comic…

I was blown away – still am, as its only a few hours removed.

So a couple bits of housecleaning. I removed the pages from the last storyline because it wasn’t finished and it feels weird to just leave it hanging there teasing people. I also have more than just this one comic in the can. As I write this, there are two more. I’m not saying I won’t do even more than that. I’m not saying this is the end. I’m saying that this morning, I missed my dots and started talking with them again, and maybe I should do that more often.

So please enjoy – and if you are reading this – I’m sorry I disappointed you and I’m honored you decided to check in.
– J