Ah – back to a normal day. A day where I don’t have to mention anything.. or thank anyone.. except these things:
1) Are you coming to the WildPig SuperShow?? Oh you should. I’ll be there… and Peter f’n David will be there!?!? I will try not to be gushing like a little girl. (Note: I’ll be gushing like a little girl)
2) I threaten on a regular basis to start a webstore. Given that Jim over at Via Protocol has saved us from certain doom, so perhaps I should finally do that. There’s really no correlation between 1 and 2… but the site should evolve. Shouldn’t it? Here we go again..
3) There is another con out there that I am not involved with, but it is run by some of the greatest people I’ve met out in the world of comics. SogenCon is run by the fantastic Richard Townsend, and if you are in the South Dakota area, you should give it a looksie. The Ayers Brothers (Chris & Greg) are going to be there, and if you have never gotten to hang with them.. you are missing an awesome time.

Ok kids – enough from me.