Ok – so – perhaps you’ve noticed that the site was down since Friday or so… that’s because on Friday there was this wonderful thing going on.  Comic Creator Day.  It started so innocuously by posting a link to the comic… what came next was one of the most obnoxious things I’ve had to deal with since the day I started this damnable website.  I received a tweet from reader @normalhusband saying that one of my ads was all eff’d up and giving him a redirect.  For those not in the know, a redirect is a piece of horrible lil spammy code that tries to divert you to another website.  Depending on how bad it is, it could send you anywhere from a porn site or to another horrible link that wants to give you plug-ins and spywares and other badness.

I went and looked at the site to see that all my advertising (notably empty right now) was notably empty, so I assumed Project Wonderful had noted the problem and were on their way to fix it.  In the process of futzing with my advertising, I decided to go do some page tweaking, only to have my back-end page look like a bomb dropped on it.  Every page had this huge block of horrible text.  Lo and behold, I had been hacked, and it had nothing to do with Project Wonderful.  Thankfully, it was caught early… but what has gone on over the last two days has been nothing short of a royal pain in the ass.

Enter friend Jim Huang, one of the greatest web guys I know, and there will be a permanent link to his company VIA PROTOCOL on the site in the near future.  He has tirelessly spent hours this weekend rebuilding, backing up, and securing the site to make sure this never happens again – and even if it does – it’ll be well secure to only lose a little bit of work, if any.

So now we’re back… I’ve had a stressy weekend, between this as well as my cell breaking… thank you everyone who has let me know the site was down and everyone who has offered suggestions.

Now – Back to IHL!