Hey all – sorry for a day late. Its been a hectic two weeks… and that’s because this weekend I’m going to Dallas, TX and working on a mega secret project that you guys are going to know about the moment it has come to fruition.

The reason I’m going has been almost a year of on again off again planning, and I swear it is the COOLEST SHIT EVER. It is very much an evolution of a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing the last decade, and I’m trying not to get too excited lest it turns into a one-off cool thingy.

Thanks for your patience and love and good words.

Oh – and lets not forget next week I’l be in Matsuricon hopefully debuting this and then in SogenCon the weekend after.

August is literally the busiest month I’ve ever had…. I need a nap.

I’ll do that on the plane that I’m jumping on in a couple hours.